Shipping, Handling & Customs


When you check out, you will be given a variety of ways to have your item's shipped to you along with the average time-frame of this delivery. Keep in mind, if ordering from outside of the United States, there will be variances depending on what you've ordered.  

A miniscule sales tax has been configured into the base price of each product for this first year of opening MEJSPIRIT to get an idea of how much tax this company will have to pay so for 2021 there won't be sales tax added on checkout.

If you are ordering from overseas, there may be a Customs fee, however, the price of the product will not be on the mailing slip so can be reported as a gift to oneself if queried, so you shouldn't have to pay much if this happens.  None of the items MEJSPIRIT sells are electronics so this shouldn't be a problem. MEJSPIRIT will not be responsible for unclaimed purchases if you decide to not go through with receiving your items if Customs is holding it.

Let's get your items to you easy and stress free so you can enjoy!