Traveling with My Passions

Almost a month has gone by since my last blog when I was wrapping up my time in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.  I have been "on the road" with non-stop travel in Guatemala for just 3 wks and have 1.5 wks left.  Still working with fresh designs for my E-commerce, MEJSPIRIT, more than when I have a painting space, I continue to be inspired by my surroundings.  I came upon a beautiful passionfruit flower near Lake Atitlan and was reminded of when I painted my Passion in the Tropics works in Malaysia 2017.  Recently, I added the image to an eco-friendly bikini and a 4-way stretch one piece along with some previously designed water bottles, yoga mats, clutch bags, journals, beach bags, throw pillows and coffee mugs!

I love the brush to paper work yet when I am traveling fast & light as I am through Guatemala, I do not have my products with me.  (I have one suitcase in storage in Guatemala City awaiting my return.)  Being able to continue with my passions as I am traveling makes my travel all that much more fun and meaningful!  I think I have soused it all pretty well with, when I have a place to stay long term, I can paint, then when I'm bouncing around a bit more, I can focus on the E-commerce.  Luckily I love to write also; here I share my Passion in the Tropics article listing all the wonderful medicinal qualities both the passion fruit & flower have!


 "May we all find our passions and learn how to live them, express them and create a life around them as we share our joy in being passionate about living!"


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