I am thrilled to be exploring the Yucatan this past 6 weeks and have 3 more to go!  I flew from Lima to Cancun 1st week of December and have been busy getting to know one side of Tulum, the very new agey yippy side (I say yippy because it isn't quite hippy, it is hippy and yuppy mixed, my own word, haha), then to Playa del Carmen for 10 days which was like a So. Califirnia surfer beach town with bike riding along shopping streets and coves.  Now I am back in Tulum at a beautiful yoga retreat center I have had my eye on for over 2 years, Holistika!

My art creations have been put on hold however I am using this time to get back into my MEJSPIRIT online Swimsuit and Lifestyle products that I advertise on Instagram and a Facebook Business page.  I actually enjoy creating my products and sharing some travel pics along with the opportunity to take some self indulgent selfies to share, hehe.

The plan as of now is to enjoy Holistika for the week then I am back in the heart of Tulum for more of what there is here with some local beach time and then I am heading to a Nature Reserve so to speak called Bacalar with a lagoon and Mayan ruins for 10 days.  That will take me to Feb. 1st where I head back to Playa del Carmen where my art supplies and such are in storage at the hotel I will be staying at for a week then back to Cancun to end my journey in some nice hotel on the beach that will be fairly like being in Honolulu! 

Traveling can be challenging, exhausting at times but it is 95% awesome, opening in all ways, enlightening and surprising!

Thanks for staying in touch dear reader, hope your New year 2023 is the best ever!

Here I share one of my best selling prints, REFLECTIONS, with my One Piece and Bikini creations.

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