Strong Creative Surge

These past weeks I'bve been settling into the sweet town of San Miguel de Allende and have decided to stay on through the end of June.  I have been able to create a lovely work-space here in my sunshiney apartment also so this means I don't have to move next month!  I rearranged furniture and got rid of some items that cluttered the space so now there are 2 work-spaces for me; one for my laptop online work for my MEJSPIRIT site, and one for my hands-on brush to paper works; MEJCREATIONS.

I started the Mamey Sapote fruit & flower painting back in February and I am very pleased to be able to get back to it now.  What with my early morning rising's at 6am and working through 10am, I then enjoy the gym and/or a yoga class and then an afternoon of some sun around the pool and steam and/or sauna with an early evening of painting some more before a light dinner and early 7pm film & READING BEFORE BED through about 9pm when lights out.  (I NEVER am on media or film/series before lights out, always book in hand,  phone off by 6/7pm.)  I may of mentioned this pattern before but iIdo find it keeps me looking and feeling good, I wake full of alive energy to work and feel accomplished before heading out of my little self-created world and find myself in Mexico!  I am living in Mexico!  WOW!

I love moving to new countries and setting up a life there, enjoying new connections, seeing new sights, engaging with fresh activities.  It is what I thrive on along with my creative life as it is and have space for more when something catches my attention.

I hope to have this lust for life forever and I plan to feed my soul everyday in everyway that scream health & vitality!  What a world I live in, what a world I've created...and you can too...just figure out what you want and plan and then take those tiny baby steps everyday...there is no way you can't get there!  Aho!

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