I've been in a real 'go for it' mood this morning and have re-added a selection of the Print-on-Demand items I had deleted from my site when I was rethinking the Eco-production based on what my Bali friends are doing.  After considerable thought, I feel that with the small amount of 100% Eco-products out there for me to choose from for Print-on-Demand, I don't want to be "cutting off my nose to spite my face" after 8 months of hard work on my new E-Commerce business.  So, I happily am to report that I have re-instigated the more popular items; Square Totes, Clutch Bags, Yoga Mats & Throw Pillows.  These items are STILL on the Eco-friendly side in that Print-on-Demand doesn't allow for mass production, each item is a wanted and special one of a kind item made on the spot for someone that wants that ONE item and for that I feel good about making my art available in this regard.  

With all the beautiful designs I have to choose from for a variety of items, my favorite item is the High Waisted Bikini's with the REPREVE recycled poly material however, I have written to a few Print-on-Demand companies begging them to consider switching to the amazing material so we all can use recycled materials as a preference for our activewear.  Until then, I am happy to be able to make my products available again.


All art available on: Notebooks, Yoga Mats, Square Totes, Clutch's & Throw Pillows

I am continuing to create the Coffee Mugs, Water Bottles, Bikini's and most likely will be re-instigating the One Piece Swimsuits along with a variety of Active Tops.

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