S. American Guavasteen Summer Taste FUN!

I'm celebrating heading to Lake Titicaca tonight for a 3 day tour of the islands here in Peru.  Gate of the Sun god is around that area as are a few other sacred spaces.  Here I have developed a few new items that rejoice in the happy bright yellows and soft pinks of this flower.  Below I copy/paste from my main website MEJCREATIONS all about the fabulous health benefits of this fruit & flower!


This unusual fruit is known as many names due to the taste and texture; pineapple guava, fig guava,Brazilian guava and guavasteen, the last one referring to the better known and delicious mangosteen.  The  Feijoa is the fruit of the Acca sellowiana and it is originally from parts of South America but also grows in New Zealand and parts of the Middle East.  It can be cultivated but usually needs both a pollinator and winter chilling.  I have never had this fruit but was intrigued when researching the guava when planning my next painting.  

Guavasteen is eaten when the seed pulp becomes clear and jelly-like then scooping out the insides.  It can be hard to know when the fruit is ripe due to the fruit staying a dark green grey but I did notice that while researching, a lot of the fruits turn a slight red/orange under the skin when ripe.  Like guava, the fruit soon becomes over-ripe when it hits the ground so having these trees nearby is always best to be there at the prime time, a soft banana scent emanates from the fruit when ripened to perfection! 

Apparently, one can eat the flowers which taste like sherbet and marshmallow while the fruits can be a combination of perfumed apricot, apple, guava, strawberry and pineapple!  I've also come across the description of sweet/fresh & tangy. Intriguing!

These fruits are also high in fiber, low in sugar, loaded with potassium, Vitamin C, folate and B6 which helps with depression and nausea.


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