On-the-GO; New Products

Since finishing up my latest painting, "Peruvian Pinks; Sacred Flower of the Incas", I am back to working on my MEJSPIRIT products!  As I am myself On-the-Go again starting tomorrow, I discovered these fanny packs, which I have renamed "Hip Bags" because they are, well, HIP!  I am an artist at heart and enjoy the paint to paper process however when traveling and don't have an art space or set-up, this new site I created in 2021 in Bali has been so fun and rewarding.  One can follow my insta @mejspirit as well as check out the website.  I have most of my most "wow-factor" paintings/images on a variety of products from eco-friendly bikinis', one pieces and variety of home decor to lifestyle items (throw pillows, coffee mugs, yoga mats, tote bags, etc.).

If you're reading this from my MEJSPIRIT News Site, then know I will be completing this "Hip Bag" Collection within the month for you to have fun with mixing and matching a variety of some items like perhaps a water bottle or fresh journal to write down all your dreams while at the beach, cafe or at home!

Pic: Blooming Radiance, Solar Eclipse Papaya Kiss & White Blossom Sunrise Salutation (Yucca Flower)

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