My Costa Rican Set-Up!


In Costa Rica at the moment after my month-long travel spell in Guatemala.  Having left a west coast beach of Costa Rica, Samara, and now inland, I am making sure to be out and about doing as many of the nature tours, birding mornings and misty morning mountain hikes in the Montverde Cloud Forest as I can handle as well as hitting up the butterfly, orchid and frog gardens!  I did rent an AirBnB for 10 days to be able to get back to some painting.  I am dead-set to finish up this "Mamey Sapote; In the Heart of Mexico" works before making moves come August 1st.

It has been so nice exploring and getting out into nature, some of you may remember that was my goal this year, to be out in nature more.  Even though I live in Bali I can easily become a bit of a home-body.  My morning hikes/runs back in Ubud were my way of getting out but here in Costa Rica there seems to be no end of opportunities to be out being active here!  I am actually looking forward to my next month now though, planning on renting for the month in the large and amazing city of Lima in Peru before heading inland Peru for more authentic Peruvian experiences within small local communities.  However, the city vibe will be great for a spell!  Of course there will be lots of art galleries and museums to go to to learn more about Peruvian culture, then going inland more will mean more to me I feel.

One of the things I am so impressed about here in CR are the youthful guides on the tours are so very polite, knowledgeable and caring in their way to present info both in Spanish and English back and forth with ease!  My academic head is loving all the new info and nature learnings and being able to put brush to paper again fills me up as well.  Once again I feel so blessed to be able to live my life of loving what I do, doing what I love!

Adios for now!!!

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