Machu Picchu Day; Sacred Valley Time

I couldn't let another day go by without posting about my Machu Picchu trip!  I've been down from the mountain a few nights now (3) and really am just spending the time catching up with my quarterly newsletter & product creations as I roam The Sacred Valley of the Inca.  I am spending about 10 days "hotel hopping" in 4 different locations in this beautiful place.  Machu Picchu was as amazing as they all say!  Nothing beats that first glimpse when you crest the trail and see this huge place placed precariously yet deep within the mountain hillsides. I hired a private guide, which was great, for 3 hours of very complete info about all the different buildings and got to walk ahead of the line most of the time.  I was lucky in that there weren't that many people during the time I went, noon to 3pm.  Seems like that is the end of the early morning rush and before the sunset gang.

I left my art portfolio and small case in Cusco with the folks I rented the month long Airbnb from.  I can pick it up on way back through Cusco for a few nights before I fly to Lima over this beautiful country of Peru, window seat for sure!  I am on hold for a while now with new works seeing that I am literally not staying in place in Peru more than 2 nights in a row for almost 2 weeks then I fly to the States for 5 nights up in Vail and also seeing some family in Alaska before heading off to Goa-India for 6 weeks before landing back in Bali just before the holidays.  Racking up my air miles to be sure.

I have enjoyed almost 2.5 months here in Peru and even though I only got one painting done, I feel quite satisfied with my coverage of this huge country, there is more to see but that will have to be another time.

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