Living My ART

Taking it upon myself to travel down to the south of Bali and enjoy the coastline, I am once again being inspired to work even more than planned!  I almost even left my laptop at home!  I am glad I didn't, I am waking up at 5am full of dreams and vitality.  I am also getting more and more responses to a few of my online platforms and will be expanding to Pinterest before heading back to Ubud, my sweet little village in the jungle here on the island of Bali.  Also taking an online Instagram training to learn how to branch out for more sales!  Whoa-hoo!

I am loving living my art, being inspired by my surroundings and working towards having a successful online business with my products made from my original art.  I have spent over 20 years getting my watercolour paintings to the point wear I feel they have enough "WOW-Factor" to them to really blast my creations out to the Universe full speed ahead.  

The time is now, NOW is the time!  I foresee a bright future with these works of art as wearable unique swim & activewear items and cool lifestyle products to match.

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