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Over the last month I've been working to "fill out" the remaining items on my new website MEJSPIRIT with simple items people use everyday.  One of the items are Coffee Mugs and the checkered pattern is turning out very sweet for these.  One can mix & match them.  You can choose all the same colour handle/insides with different designs or same design with different colour handle/insides.  There can be different sets too; Hawaiian Fruits, Bali Magic, Spicy Life, Tropical Flowers, etc.   Using the same 25 images for all the items yet creating different patterns makes all that is on offer very interchangeable.  I have delegated the kaleidoscope pattern to the All-Day Totes, Laptop Sleeves & Flip Flops, a mirrored pattern to the Stainless Steel Water Bottles and used the best part of the full image for the Yoga Mats!

A full image of the designs are on the Notebooks & Throw Pillows, using a good chunk for the Square Totes, Clutch & Beach Bags (Weekend Away Bag) and there are Backpacks (Minimalist Kit Bags) too!  They are really fun with both the full front image and then kaleidoscope patterns on sides, top & bottom!

Needless to say, I AM enjoying myself creating all these fun Lifestyle Items.  Today I finished the mugs and am now on to the Laptop Sleeves using the kaleidoscope pattern; "Stand-Out Covers".

I can see I am still looking at a few months work until I feel I am ready to hire a compatible agent to work WITH me, key word being WITH.  I know some companies just "take over" business's Insta and such however, I really want to learn as I grow, similar to investing.  Lay your money into a mutual funds agent or company and you loose control and could loose everything, learn how to invest and be in charge of things yourself, you can only be stronger and there is less risk.  Paying a monthly salary to someone with no growth doesn't work for I will be proceeding cautiously with that side of things.

Thanks for staying up to date with is a new adventure for sure!!

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