In the Spirit of FUN!

It has been one year since I started my MEJSPIRIT "off-shoot" from MEJCREATIONS.  It has been going well and growing weekly.  I am so pleased to have my works on various swim & lifestyle items, some of them 100% eco-friendly and with "print-on-demand" the whole business is really eco-friendly due to non over-production of products.  It is very rewarding to be traveling at this time overseas from my sweet life back in Ubud, Bali.  Being able to consistently create an income with my works even though I am not having expo's at this time is fulfilling and brings me a way to create daily with my Insta and ad's.  

I am planning the rest of the year these days but also letting what comes come.  I feel I will be heading south to Guatemala, Peru, Chili & Brazil into February, than back to Bali come March 2023.  I will be painting also although that has slowed down lately, I have become quite involved with the local community here and enjoying that.  I hope to do a real backpack trip through Guatemala and leave my 3 cases in storage at that time and don a real hiker's backpack for 2 months.  There is so much to see there and I don't want to be restricted.  I can always come back to my drawing table!

I took these pics in the "Spirit of FUN" yesterday...I'm feeling fit and healthy these days, glowing with life and vibrancy...I plan to keep this up and continue my creativity here and elsewhere to bring inner and outer joy to me and other's...onward and upward!

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