Going Eco-Only; Huge Restart! 2022

This past month has been a real turn around for me deciding what to do about my non-eco products. I have decided to keep JUST the High Waisted Bikini's going for now and delete most else that wasn't working within the idea of recycle or natural.  I may reintegrate the stainless steel water bottles, notebooks and coffee mugs but let's face it, those are pretty common and not that exciting where-as the bikini's are unique and fun!  I will be sourcing long term for new Print-On-Demand products that work within the Eco framework but they are few and far between.  With the time and effort it takes to create products, and if this is going to be a long term business, I need to feel good about what I am starting and bringing into my future, not to mention the future of the planet. I am happy to come across REPREVE, a material made from recycled poly and also they use plastic bottles for their thread in which they make a strong fiber for swim and activewear. I am learning more about this company as I create more bikini's for now and slowly bring back in other Eco-conscious items.  You can read more about REPREVE and watch short video here, it is very interesting to see and know about:

REPREVE® | Sustainable. Certifiable. Recycled. High-quality performance fiber.

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