Dreams Do Become Reality

...when you set your mind to them!

I LOVE creating compositions that show off the fruit, flower and spice with the bud, full bloom, stem, leaves, perhaps bark if a tree, seeds, root and more depending on what I am showing for my MEJCREATIONS site. Now I am getting suck a kick out of making print-on-demand "Swim, Yoga & Lifestyle" Items for my MEJSPIRIT online business.

Here I show the "As Good As Gold Aloe" to full advantage with the bud, flower, and gel filled leaves.  This High Waisted Bikini is created in conjunction with a company called REPREVE that recycles plastic bottles and polyester to make a very soft and durable fabric.

I am in Bacalar Mexico now and have a full week of creation time, the works here was painted in Texas a few years ago and I am working on the Blue Bonnet, State flower of Texas, products tonight.  Texas is full of amazing medicinal plants like the Aloe however the Blue Bonnet is just pure beauty, no medicine other than the medicine of happiness when you see these flowers along the highways!

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