Dreaming of Blue Skies

Today is my last day working on the Cantua Buxifolia; "Sacred Flower of the Incas" before packing up for my Friday adventure to Cusco via 6 nights of small village and Peruvian sights.  I have been under grey skies for a month and I have definitely had to make MORE effort to be energetic and have daily uplifting, interesting and positive thoughts.  My goodness how weather can affect us!  I am pleased to of lasted the month in a positive way with yoga, jogging, painting and exploring.

With the varied colour of flowers in the painting, I don't want to "fill in" the background too much, so, decided to go for the bright turquoise with a lot of white showing through.  I'll finish this up in Cusco after having settled and gotten the "vibe" of the place so I can infiltrate more depth and shadows.  I want to make sure, as a representation of the Inca sacred flower, that I do.  I will also get to see this flower hanging from ceremonial doorways when in Cusco and I have a feeling this will help me bring out the true essence of this plant.

My art is a way of expressing my own journey within and how it shines out to the world.  Taking my time, acknowledging my surroundings and space influence my feelings, I tend to work little by little on each piece meditating, so to say, on each phase.  Finally, by the time the whole of the works in finished, one can see a lot of layers of life.

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