Chandeliers, Coffee Cafes & Bicycles

I have simply been loving my time here in Bacalar!  I have been here long enough to of established my favorite haunts, like this one with huge chandeliers in the entryway and great espresso!  A few sailing days and a sunset cruise, swings in the lagoon to dip feet in, large white birds and double scoops of ice cream, I feel like this is a real summer kind of holiday in my bones.  The Lagoon of 7 Colours has been surprisingly peaceful even with the tourist boats.  There isn't a party vibe at all and it has been very simple and quiet.  A few days straight inside during the heat of the afternoon's in my cute little aircon-ed studio working on new products and Insta pics has been fun too.

I have two more nights here and will be heading back to Playa del Carmen February 1st.  I have a small surprise for readers 1st week of Feb. but until I know 100% I'll keep quiet!

Life has its twists and turns and not all journeys are a straight line, that is a big hint...Bali is calling and it will be an interesting route back!

Until then, I will enjoy my coffee under the lights, the heat on my skin as I breeze through town and the wind in my hair as I have one more sailing trip scheduled!

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