Being A Bridge

Living in both Eastern & Western worlds, I find I feel I can "operate" as a bridge between two worlds.  Using my innate feelings and inner creativity I gain from appreciating the Eastern ways of living and then integrating my Western skills from Botanical Illustration and Marketing, I am pleased to be able to combine my washy watercolours with detail and actually "DO" something with my work.  Having exhibitions, original works for sale, prints of all sizes and substrates, swim & active wear, lifestyle products, an artful E-Flip health magazine and published articles on health, travel & culture, I feel I have hit a very "top-of-the-line" niche within Art & Culture with an all-encompassing Holistic Way.  Whew, that was a mouthful!

 As the world turns and I continue to live in Bali and continue on my Creative Path, I am excited to watch both my new website MEJSPIRIT grow and to see what fresh watercolours come alive.  I plan to re-immerge into more watercolour works this month to "keep the fires burning".  I am enjoying working on my MEJSPIRIT site and will continue to improve & promote, however, going back to the drawing board is on the cards for expression this month and on throughout the year.  Thank you for following me on my Journey and all work can be seen on my main website MEJCREATIONS.

 Finding an inner peace during these times is something we all must do.  Connecting to a higher source to create the life you want; envision it, take baby steps and all can be your reality!



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