An Inner Balance

I feel a deep inner balance right now, I have spent 4 months in this town, San Miguel de Allende, and am now wrapping up my time here within the next 6 days.  No rush mind you, I still have the painting to finish and a few gym/yoga sessions, the pool at The Rosewood Hotel & Spa with a few steams and teas to enjoy!!  My 6 days will be full!  There is a small handful of people I have met here that I will stay in touch with and I do feel like "I know this town!" Cool!

I own a home in the Hill Country of Texas and it is an hour or so flight to get to the closest airport in this area then the same taxi ride to get here so I'm thinking for future, it may not be a bad place to come to when I need a change if in Texas but don't want to fly half way 'round the planet to S.E. Asia/India etc...well, hopefully those day's wont ever come now that I think about it!  hahaha  But, always good to have a few back-up plans!

The background in this pic is from the roof of the cute hotel I am staying at, have been for a few months; Case de Los Soles...House of the Suns, plural!  The owner is a bit ( a bit?!) sun obsessed and has people painting these suns all day everyday and putting them up...definitely makes for a cute and sweet space with a lot of Instagramer's stopping by from all over the world!

Originally, my plan was to paint one painting a month and I certainly have failed on that attempt.  Getting carried away with all there is to see here with various OTHER art really took me by surprise and of course both the hotel and yoga center distracted me a lot.  It was fun getting to remember my Spanish and just feeling like I have a home away from home!

For my MEJSPIRIT site, there has been slow & steady progress creating and promoting the Swim & Lifestyle Items, working online with that Insta account and enjoying the creativity of that.  When I am bopping around more with laptop later, I think I'll feel more inspired for that work since I won't have a painting space.

I have a lot of grand plans for the next 8-9 months before heading back to Ubud Bali and it involves NOT staying in one country longer than 2 months so there will be a nice combination of Airbnb with bopping around a lot too.  I'll keep on the painting and the writing; Expat Life Thailand Mag is due for a travel article on this place and now I have a lot of great pics to offer to go with that!  My last travel article was called A Mediterranean Post Card from Bali back in October 2021 so yes, must get another one in!

 Stay alive with ideas, fire up your passions and let's also remember to stay kind.  During these times, as with most times actually, there will always be challenges, things we don't want in our lives or see disharmony around us but as long as we, ourselves, stay strong and steady, have love in our hearts and always remember compassion, we can move forward into better human becommings.  Everyone is challenged, (individuals, family, groups, cities, countries) is it a problem or an opportunity to grow?  This is your choice.  Change your concepts change your life.

Here come's the Summer for us in the Northern Hemispere and Winter in the Down Under's (The other down under I love is Cape Town!).

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