5am Fuel; Creative Flow

Enjoying the early morning hours of quiet in this busy city of Lima, I have finally gotten the 1st layers onto the paper for this next works, the Cantua Buxifolia; Sacred Flower of the Incas. Showing three different ranges of colour this flower can be found in, along with the stamens, pistil and tube shape, I have enjoyed the small delicacy of working these last few weeks. I'll be integrating some cloudy-blues into the background to bring some of the white edges of the central flowers out and create a "bringing together" effect. Shadows are my favorite part of the painting process, getting in the depth with lavenders/purples/indigos. I have exactly one week left here and would like to have it done and dusted by the time I leave for Cusco. I hear in Cusco, they use these flowers as lei's and string them to hang across doorways so I look forward to seeing that!

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